Poet Republik Ltd. publishes thinkers on the edge of pop culture and critical thinking. We are interested in eco-poetics, feminist elegies, two-headed wolf poems and a variety of  anti-authoritarian and/or anarchist ideologies.

Submit up to three unpublished poems here. You can simultaneously submit, we do, even if told not to. But please let us know if they get accepted somewhere else, and congratulations in advance if that happens (insert smiley face emoji). You should hear back from us in 2-3 months, it'd be sooner, but we have full time jobs and do all of this for free because we believe in you and your poems. Because what you have to say matters and if you do not say it exactly as you want to, it will not exist in this world. So say it. We are listening.  

We are not interested in the cult of the popular. 

Check out the kinds of poems we love here: Poet Republik.

And keep writing! It is most important for your voice to be heard.

Hot sun-dried possum in a can,

The Editors