About Poet Republik Ltd:

Poet Republik Ltd is dedicated to writers, artists, and thinkers. We are interested in eco-poetics, feminist elegies, two-headed wolf poems and a variety of anti-authoritarian and/or anarchist ideologies and etc. We are committed to publishing the best of what’s out there, regardless of what form it takes: poetry, prose, manifestos. We are based in California, Brooklyn and Berlin. We don’t think a world series should only have two countries involved and keep that name. We like a world view that includes perspectives other than our own.

We publish because we believe what you have to say matters, and if you do not say it exactly as you want to, it will not exist in this world. So say it. We are listening. 

We are not interested in the cult of the popular.

Check out the kinds of poems we love here: Blogger Republik.

And keep writing! It is most important for your voice to be heard.

About Ping-Pong Free Press:

Ping-Pong Free Press brings together a spectrum of influences and combines them with an ecological social perspective on the nature of art and the human predicament. We are committed to promoting artists we firmly believe in, and sharing our enthusiasm for their work with a wider audience. The Henry Miller Memorial Library is a repository of natural beauty in an accessible public space.

We are also interested in publishing writing with a radical environmental stance, perched as we are on the edge of the continent with condors flying overhead flipping the bird to extinction.

The Henry Miller Memorial Library champions the literary and artistic legacy of Henry Miller, naturally his legacy goes beyond his own writing. We may not have even known about Miller had it not been for Anaïs Nin. Miller existed at the peripheries of American literature, but his sources, and his influence, extend far beyond this country, to the international literary avant-garde. Miller was and is as much an international literary figure as he was/is an American one.

Ping-Pong Free Press supports many poets, writers, artists, filmmakers, musicians, and photographers. These artists are part of varied communities: LGBTQ, people of color, and the under-represented—some of whom would never have found a voice in the mainstream, like Henry, like Anaïs.

The editors of PPFP are committed to preserving Miller’s legacy with an eye toward honoring communal, non-materialistic values and seeking excellent work that exemplifies this point of view. 

In the spirit of Henry Miller, who championed the disregarded, the liminal,

and who, above all, wanted to bring into the light writing and literature that troubled the elite, Ping Pong Free Press will quite simply seek to publish the best work out there.